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Leaders as Culture Shapers ( Coming soon 2024 )

Jan 5, 2024 - Jan 1, 2030

  • 24Steps


Part 1 Diagnosing Community Culture : Learn how to effectively diagnose and understand your community's culture, recognizing its impact on public spaces, civility and civic resilience. Gain insights into the cultural spectrum, from ancient wisdom to modern interpretations, and develop the skills to assess where your community falls on this spectrum. Modules: 1. Diagnosing Community Culture  2. Exploring the Roots and Triggers of Incivility  3. Impact on Individuals, Community, and Public Spaces  Part 2 Catalysts for Cultural Transformation: Explore the role of civic leaders in shaping community culture. Understand the historic and contemporary significance of these factors and how they influence governance, civic engagement, and shared values. Discover promising approaches for revitalizing civic education and fostering positive cultural change. Modules: 1. Civility Circles & Psychological Safety  2. Visions of Human Flourishing  3. Leaders Shape the Civic Landscape Part 3 Leadership Skills that Foster Civic Resilience : Be empowered with the leadership skills and competencies required for effective culture shaping. Further examine the pivotal role of civic leaders in creating a civil and resilient community. Gain practical tools and insights to contribute to a flourishing civic culture in your community. Modules: 1. Personal Resilience Skills 2. Civic Resilience Skills 3. Culture Transformation as Systems Change

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