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Good governance is the art of putting wise thought into prudent action in a way that advances the well-being of those you lead today and into the future.

Sustainable leadership governs from an established set of core values and principles. 

Services include:


A sustainable strategy is one that flows from established good governance principles and is both achievable and measurable.

Sustainable leadership ensures that effective, up-to-date and meaningful strategy documents not only exist, but that they are communicated to all stakeholders, are integrated with existing plans, and embraced by those charged with implementation.

Services include:

  • Council/Board Strategic Planning workshop

  • Citizen engagement (eg. surveys, workshops, etc.)

  • Strategy/Plan drafting, including:

    • Strategic Plan

    • Economic Development Plan

    • Age-friendly Assessment/Action plan

  • Review, collation and integration of existing plans

  • Asset Management planning

  • Communicating plan(s) to stakeholders



Sustainable action is activity that flows from established and communicated good governance principles, strategies and plans that are integrated and achievable given existing resources.

Sustainable leadership ensures there is unity, understanding and common purpose in the implementation of such plans. 

Services include:

  • Project Management

  • Grant writing

  • Policy drafting

  • Report to Council/Board drafting

  • Organizational change management

  • Workplace development strategy 

  • Independent harassment investigator

  • Community & stakeholder forums, workshops, etc.


A sustainable community or organization has an established culture that is aligned in principle, strategy and action & values all assets, capital, natural and human.

Sustainable leadership ensures that culture is "branded" or communicated in a way that is authentic and supports the proper long-term stewardship of all assets.

Services include:

  • Media/communications strategy

  • Media outreach (eg. press releases, media campaigns, etc.)

  • Website development

  • Social media 

  • Civic pride initiatives

  • Event planning

  • Other custom marketing/branding initiatives

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