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The leaders we need today

Leaders have a disproportionate impact on the culture of the organizations, communities, regions or nations they lead. Divisive, self-interested leadership brought us to where we are today--toxic workplaces, divided communities and tribal behaviours in the public square that undermine human wellbeing and foster a culture of contempt.

More than ever today, we need leaders with the character, moral authority and integrity to bridge divides and foster social unity -- not through the suppression of difference and denial of the dignity of individuals or groups, rather through the celebration of difference while emphasizing shared values and our common humanity.

Are you a breaker, bonder or bridger?

Bridgers see one another as people first and foremost. They identify our common purpose, our shared "why" before looking for any divided "what". Differences are important and must be respected. Injustice must be addressed. However true leaders see that everyone, including those we disagree with, are deserving of justice, dignity, security and the pursuit of happiness.

Above all else, do no harm.

Quote from by Love Your Enemies by Arthur C. Brooks.

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