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When your toxic Council meeting goes viral & released on soundtrack!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Jackie Weaver became an internet sensation when a toxic Council meeting (Handforth Parish Council, south of Manchester) she was in attendance at went viral. Jackie is Chief Officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils.

The public was shocked at the abuse she endured so stoically and many were enamored by her use of the zoom host function to boot badly behaving Councillors into the zoom waiting room. Much fuss has been made about whether or not she had the authority to do that.

Now the drama has been put to music in a soundtrack made by UK independent artists Helefonix: "You have no authority here Jackie Weaver, no authority at all!" 🔊 If the SoundCloud above doesn't play, click here.

About half way through the track you will hear Jackie say "Make A Change". This is a reference to the campaign to encourage greater diversity and more accurate representation in local Councils.

I was presented with the viral clip (see below) for comment at a global live interview last week organized by the Charter for Compassion on the topic of my book Save Your City: How Toxic Culture Kills Community & What To Do About It . The international audience included elected officials and citizens who are facing similar challenges with toxic behavior in the public square and in communities everywhere. A fruitful discussion ensued.

The book Save Your City empowers community leaders and citizens to be part of the solution in addressing toxic culture in the public square. Readers are taken on a journey from Bullyville to Sustainaville, including an eye-opening visit to classical antiquity. The successful journey includes a renaissance of civic values and civic education as vital to fostering the type of culture that can sustain us, our democracy and our planet.

Order your copy here. Book trailer below.


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