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Civic Resilience: COVID-19 & Beyond (E-Book)

Civic Resilience: COVID-19 & Beyond (E-Book)


In the annals of history, we have faced numerous trials and tribulations, but the COVID-19 pandemic emerged as an unparalleled crucible that tested the resilience of our civic institutions. While the challenges it presented were immense, the response and adaptation of local governments revealed a phenomenon of profound significance—a values revolution that catalyzed remarkable cultural change within municipalities.


Civic Resilience delves deep into this transformative period in our civic history. This e-book represents extensive research into local governance during one of the most unprecedented global crises of our time. The book's aim is twofold: to comprehend the seismic shifts that COVID-19 initiated within local governments and to harness the invaluable insights for the betterment of our communities.


In these pages, you'll explore how local governments navigated the pandemic's challenges, fostering innovation, empathy, and adaptability. These experiences exemplify servant leadership, compassion, and ethics—values that have been the bedrock of civic leadership. The insights gleaned transcend the crisis, offering a roadmap for the future of local government marked by sustained transformation and resilience.


This e-book is an exploration of civic resilience, a testament to the unwavering spirit of local governments, and a call to action for civic leaders to shape the future of our municipalities, illuminating the path to a brighter and more resilient civic future.


Published by Public Sector Digest. 




  • COVID's Values Revolution - Part I: Measuring Culture Change, Charting Civic Recovery
  • COVID's Values Revolution - Part II: Compassion is Key to Resilient Civic Leadership
  • COVID's Values Revolution - Part III: Addressing Toxicity in the Public Square, Fostering Resilient Cities
  • Our Infrastruture Story as Civic Education
  • The Rise of the Philosopher CAO
  • Managing Assets of Infinite Value, Your People


Author: Diane Kalen-Sukra

Published: May 2021

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