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Mouse Pad | Local Government Golden Circle

Mouse Pad | Local Government Golden Circle


Purpose-driven organizations govern well, manage well and deliver services sustainably by ensuring everyone knows their WHY, HOW & WHAT. Order these Local Government Golden Circle Mouse Pad for Council/Board, Staff & Citizens to help align your municipality and community for maximum effect and impact.


Local governments face competing priorities and a constantly changing social, economic, political and environmental landscape. This makes it even more important that we double-down on our common purpose as community builders and citizens.


Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle contends that everything has a function and that "the good" can be found in the fulfillment of that function, purpose, or end. What is "the good" of local government? In other words, what is the WHY of local government?


How are all the municipal functions, such as good governance, asset management, service delivery and community well-being related? 


Since our modern municipalities derive from the ancient Greek democratic city-state tradition, our municipal purpose/WHY has remained the same over the centuries:

  • Ancient Greece: to produce "eudamonia", or human well-being/flourishing of its community. 
  • Modern: to foster the economic, social and environmental well-being of its community. [CC, Section 7(d)]*


HOW this is acheived is through Good Governance & Asset Management.


WHAT government does is meet community needs through Sustainable Service Delivery.


Learn more here.

[from Asset Management BC Newsletter, Fall 2018 Edition, page 8]


This handy leadership tool is an especially useful educational, organizational development, and visual aid for workshops, meetings, or day-to-day operations. Sample uses include:


  • Reminder during Board/Council/Committee/Staff meetings
  • New Board/Council Orientations
  • New Employee Orientations
  • Coaching and Team-building Values/Visioning Workshops
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Sustainable Workplace Culture Audits
  • Community Engagement Sessions


The golden circle, popularized by author Simon Sinek, is a methodology for organizations to establish and ground their work in their purpose for maximum effectiveness.


*Community Charter, Section 7: Municipal Purposes

(a) providing for good government of its community,

(b) providing for services, laws and other matters for community benefit,

(c) providing for stewardship of public assets of its community, and

(d) fostering the economic, social and environmental well-being of its community.

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