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Sustainable Culture Starter Kit

Sustainable Culture Starter Kit


Culture matters. In fact, without a sustainable culture, your work is simply not going to be efficient, nor will it last.


Culture is values expressed in behaviour -- the engine that sustains us.


The Sustainable Culture Mugcelebrates notable civic values, virtues and principles of working and "living well together" down through the ages - from the Ancient Greeks to today.  If followed, it fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation and effectiveness that supports the well-being of all.


This kit includes the Toxic Culture Mug. Drinking from this mug has negative side effects including strife, animosity, sickness and reduced functioning in all areas of life and work.


The kit calls on you, your employees, coworkers, friends or community partners to "CHOOSE WISELY". Every day. Your culture depends on it.


These mugs are a jovial, visual and impactful way to express how important respectful conduct is between people.


It is also a Tool for Community Builders to foster good governance - the key to any sustainable community building and organizational development. Toxic behaviour is the greatest obstacle to good governance today. Do your part to support sustainable culture. 


Applications for this Handy Leadership Tool:

Are you a Board or Council member, Executive, HR Manager, or Sustainability professional? Perhaps you are a champion of workplace wellness or you just want to enhance your work environment. 


These mugs are an especially useful educational and cultural change tool for participants. Sample uses include: 


  • Sustainable Culture Audits
  • New Board/Council Oreintations
  • New Employee Orientations
  • Workplace Bullying & Harassment Training
  • Values/Visioning Workshops
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Coaching & Team-building
  • Community Engagement Sessions
  • Union Relations


*The values expressed on the Sustainable Culture Mug include the foundational principles of good governance as established by the BC Working Group on Responsible Conduct (LGMA, UBCM, Province), the values called for by the Dalai Lama, Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) Learning Framework 2030 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16. Also included are the civic virtues identified by the Ancient Greeks as necessary for a just and good democratic city-state: JUSTICE, WISDOM, COURAGE & SELF-CONTROL.

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