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Fall 2023 Save Your City Civility Tour & Christmas Farewell!

Updated: Mar 13

Old Town Hall Office ready for Christmas

As Christmas approaches, ushering in a season of reflection and renewal, my heart is filled with gratitude and optimism. The SaveYourCity Fall 2023 civility tour has been an extraordinary journey, touching both my life and those of countless civic leaders and citizens.

More than a series of events, this coast-to-coast civility tour, which is now in its 5th year, celebrates our collective commitment to resilient, compassionate communities.

Each stop highlights the power of community over chaos, love over fear, and the essential role of leadership in fostering sustainable civic culture.

This 90-second highlight reel captures precious Fall moments, a tapestry of faces, voices, and stories, reminding us of our mission to collaborate to build thriving communities.

Traveling through diverse locales, engaging with dedicated individuals, and marveling at beautiful landmarks, I was constantly reminded of our communities' inherent beauty and resilience. The hashtag #weareone is not just a tagline but a symbol of our shared resolve for a hopeful and unified future.

As 2023 draws to a close, let's rededicate ourselves to the spirit of civility and collaboration. Let's continue to nurture the seeds of understanding and empathy which are so vital to thriving communities and a more harmonious world. Here's to growing stronger together, guided by the enduring light of civility and community.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a joyous new year to all!

With Love,

Diane Kalen-Sukra



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