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Genevolution will take more than cappuccinos

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

After years of deferred maintenance and mismanagement, a major motorway bridge in Genoa, the Morandi Bridge built in 1967, collapsed on August 14th 2018 killing 43 people.

The Mayor is interviewed here trying to shore up tourism and investment by promoting the city's medieval rooftops, cafe culture and birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

The big elephant - #assetmanagement & #infrastructure investment - was not mentioned.

Genoa is not alone. Over the past 15 years, 12 bridges/overpasses collapsed in Italy. Prior to the US sub-prime mortgage collapse in 2007, Italy spent €14 billion per year on roads. After the collapse this fell to €3 billion a year. Today it is closer to €5 billion.

To be successful, the #Genevolution, like all sustainable community building efforts, will clearly require a lot more than great cappuccinos.

Source: Forbes



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