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Beliefs divide us, values unite us

In yesterday's blog post we examined the type of leaders that are needed today -- not a breaker or a bonder, but a bridger. Bridgers are leaders that see the shared values and common humanity of those they lead and seek to foster mutual respect and social unity.

Such leaders are rare today during these times of division where a culture of contempt reigns. Be this leader by seeing what people have in common, such as the fact that all people seek wellbeing and the avoidance of suffering in the best way they know how.

A Barrett Values Centre survey found that Democrats and Republicans--who today are arguably on the verge of a civil war--shared the same top 10 personal values. The only distinction is: (1) the order in which these are prioritized, and (2) one values compassion[D], the other integrity [R].

Remember how political leaders used to strive for "stateman/woman"-like qualities? These qualities included wisdom and the ability to speak to, care for and represent all people regardless of their political leanings or differences. This wisdom begins with understanding the needs and values people have in common.

Great leaders know the values of their people. Book your personal, organizational and/or community values assessment today.

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