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New year. New website. New blog.

Thank you for joining the Save Your City website blog during the 2019 launch year. This new year brings a fresh new website and blog design with easier to navigate features. Please don't hesitate to share your feedback here.

Check out the new Ancient Wisdom. Modern City Builders blog design here:

This blog will continue to share wisdom from classical antiquity as well as more modern political and philosophical thinkers and critical thought to help inform the complex challenges we face today.

From governance issues, ethics, civility, democratic culture, citizen engagement, citizenship, managing scarce resources, fostering human well-being, infrastructure and service provision, cooperation between orders of governments, competing political and social values to the application on new technologies, the challenges we are facing today have all been experienced, studied and addressed by great minds and political leaders of days gone by.

It is said that the decline of a civilization is accompanied by a mass amnesia that overtakes both citizens and leaders. That is, a mass amnesia about the purpose of its institutions, the reason behind practices, and basis for social unity and cohesion.

Let us instead revive our civic institutions, civic values and civic education. This endeavor makes the classics just as important today as ever.

Thank you for joining this blog. Together, we can restore the art of living and working well together and foster the type of organizational and community cultures that can sustain us, our democracy and our planet.



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