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Spying on workers is anti-democratic

Be afraid. Not of being unpopular or "unprofessional" for rejecting such technology in this video by The Economist, but for failing to stand up for the humanity, dignity, security and privacy of human beings.

Save Your City author Diane Kalen-Sukra writes: "In my 25 years working both in senior management and as a national union representative across Canada, I have never seen deep surveillance technology of employees used in a way that is not exploited at some point by the powers that have access to its data - from managers to IT technicians. Sometimes this abuse is to satisfy the perversions of individuals, other times it is to target individuals for personal and unjust reasons. The risks of human rights violations are simply too great."

Let us instead, rely on inspiring and training our employees to work towards our common purpose.

Let us instead ensure that that we understand our employees are human beings first with inalienable rights that include a right to liberty.

(Charter of Rights & Freedoms | US Declaration of Independence)



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