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Teens host pop-up museum to raise awareness of "toxic teen culture"

Coming of Age in TOXICITY (pop-up teen museum of "toxic teen culture")

From toxic stress, to toxic relentless comparison and judgement, shallow and sometimes cruel and discriminatory relations between youth, including toxic masculinity, often amplified by toxic social media interactions -- teenagers in Besthedesa, Maryland are determined to expose this "toxic culture" as unacceptable and keep raising awareness until the culture changes.

They have set up a "pop-up" museum to and panel discussions called "Coming of Age in Toxicity".

“All of the exhibits are based on authentic research by teens about teens,” said teacher and organizer David Lopiato. “The goal is to allow visitors a chance to step into the shoes of today’s teenagers to navigate the many forms of toxicity they grow up with today

Students began planning the museum before a list surfaced last month in which boys ranked girls in the school’s International Baccalaureate program based on physical appearance, but students have designed some of the museum exhibits in response to the list.

One female student whose name was on the list will lead a presentation about the rankings list and its impact on students involved.



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