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2021: Call for Compassionate Civic Leadership

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Resilient cities are characterized by social cohesion and high levels of trust. This is first embodied in the conduct of civic leaders, who are culture shapers and setters of social norms. Ethical civic leaders are compassionate -- but building the character, integrity and courage to lead in this way requires high levels of emotional intelligence and training. Join the civic renaissance and access this training today.

During this Global Read of Save Your City hosted by the Charter for Compassion, I shared the nature of this civic renaissance while making the call for compassionate civic leadership. For more, see my October 2020 column published by Public Sector Digest called "Compassion is the Key to Resilient Civic Leadership".

Register for Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders here. Space is limited. Register early.


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