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A day of mourning

A day of mourning, for every one of the precious 215 children lost, their families and the survivors. When will we ever learn that all lives truly matter? Today there are more indigenous children in foster care than there ever were in residential schools. From missing and murdered women, to impoverished communities to endless boil water advisories, #reconciliation begins with truth and addressing wrongs done.

🧡Indigenous history is Canadian history.

Wondering what you can do to advance reconciliation in your community?

You're invited to watch this powerful talk on this very question by Carolyn Roberts, a Coast Salish woman from the Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, British Columbia. She is passionate about Indigenous education, culture and history. Carolyn has recently competed her Masters Degree from the University of British Columbia in Aboriginal Education and Leadership. Her work focuses on moving Indigenous education forward within the school system.



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