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Celebrate World Philosophy Day

Each year, on the third Thursday of November, UNESCO underlies the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture, society and individual.

Philosophy is an inspiring discipline as well as an everyday practice that can transform societies by empowering citizens and civic leaders to think critically and effectively for the common good, understanding that the beginning of wisdom is self-understanding and the goal of city building is to foster human flourishing.

Throughout history, civic leaders were trained and accompanied by philosophers and prophets, as wisdom was understood to be vital to effective decision-making, policy and governance. Philosophers were the management consultants of the ancient world.

For too long in modern society, we have shunned wisdom and cast aside wise counsel in favour of self-centred advancement and survivalist pursuits. Today we reap the consequences—divided and traumatized communities, atrophied institutions and a deficit of hope.

Philosophy is said to be a crown during prosperity and a refuge during adversity. Let it be our refuge and redeemer.

Let us be reminded of what is important. That the goal of city building is human flourishing—bringing about the wellbeing of all, not just ourselves or our gang.

Knowledge and action without wisdom is folly. Be wise. Seek wise counsel.


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