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Educate citizens or endure them

The decline in values-education combined with a poverty of civic education in society has left us unprepared to operate effectively in the public square. This has undermined trust and effective cooperation -- two elements vitally needed for innovation and resolving the complex challenges our communities face.

As a result we are enduring toxic and wasteful behaviours that have no place in the public square -- like the targeting of public officials, the use of slander and false accusation to defame and undermine opponents, the dissemination of falsehoods to achieve political aims, abuses of power, shameless hypocrisy, etc. Worst of all, the next generation is watching, learning and perpetuating this cultural dysfunction.

While Codes of Conduct and other compliance and enforcement mechanisms are useful to prescribe respectful conduct and protect people today, they are not sufficient to build a culture where democracy thrives and people flourish. The only way to do this is through conscious civic leadership and citizen education.

Online education has made such training accessible and affordable to all now.

Five (5) week university certificate program for Mayors, Council/Board members, CAOs & Senior Staff. Graduate certificated issued from Centre for Compassion, Integrity & Secular Ethics, Life University.

A four (4) week online learning program with interactive sessions with course instructor Diane Kalen-Sukra. For public servants, citizens, community activists, social workers, etc. Certificate issued by The Charter for Compassion.


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