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Emotional hygiene and civic spirit

An education without a heart education is no education at all. We are all deeply interconnected. The way we show up sends a ripple effect into the world as our peace of mind, intentions and heart affect the way we treat others and every decision we make—from our priorities to our actions.

Civic education used to be all about “character building” which really just meant heart and mind exercises that enhanced our ability to collaborate and cooperate together, to hear each other and to be able to strengthen our ability to put the interests of others ahead of our own. The formula is ❤️ + 🧠 + 👏🏼. That’s what makes great civic leadership. It’s what generates a great civic spirit. It’s what makes flourishing public institutions and communities possible. It’s what makes our democracy viable.

The Dalai Lama says it best in his tweet today:

Where education advances material goals it should also include instruction about our mind and emotions—how to achieve a calm mind and develop altruism. An important part of establishing peace of mind is being able to apply emotional hygiene—learning to tackle destructive emotions.

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