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Florida rolls out comprehensive K-12 civic education program

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Florida moves to ongoing, comprehensive K-12 civic education, training for teachers and revival of civil discourse and debate initiatives. This Is the first of its kind in the United States.

The goal is to build democratic muscle in the next generation. That includes development in all three of these areas: civic knowledge, civic skills (civil discourse, critical thinking, etc.) & civic disposition (character).

This is what it is going to take everywhere to ensure we don't lose our democratic inheritance.

Among the improvements is infusing Civics throughout the English Language Arts (ELA) Standards. The State has developed a comprehensive grade by grade reading list on civics and history topics that will be a requirement for use in all Florida schools.

“They not only incorporate civics throughout every grade, a first of their kind in the nation, ensuring that our students are well versed in the United States Constitution and the responsibilities of citizenship, they also provide educators with clear and concise standards.”

-- Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Cochran on the revised standards.

Civic engagement activities can now be used towards required volunteer hours.

Entrance to college/university will be conditional upon passing a 100 question civics assessment.


For more on the historical and vital role of civic education in building and maintaining healthy local democracies, see:



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