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Grant writing & inventory services (30 day offer)

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

PSD offers two main grant services to municipalities and other public sector organizations: grant writing and grant notification. PSD’s team of policy analysts and grant writers assist municipalities, Indigenous organizations and other government agencies with writing and reviewing grant applications. The Municipal Grant Inventory Service (MGIS) helps your municipality stay on top of grant opportunities and pressing deadlines through weekly customized notifications.

GRANT WRITING | Service Deliverables

  • Provide full briefing on the requirements of the grant program

  • Review proposed activities for alignment with the requirements and assessment criteria for the application

  • Provide recommendations to ensure the description/details of the proposed activities meet the requirements of the application

  • Assist with the completion of application, facilitating the gathering of required information across departments

  • Assist with the final wording of the application

  • Check for completion of all required components of the application

  • Check for alignment with the assessment criteria of the application

  • Check for spelling/grammatical errors

PSD’s application completion service does not include completion of technical schedules or financial contributions/budgeting sections for proposed activities. PSD does not guarantee success with the application program.

GRANT NOTIFICATION | Municipal Grant Inventory Service (MGIS)

The Municipal Grant Inventory Service (MGIS) is a tailored service to help assist your organization with your grant application search, helping you stay on top of grant opportunities and pressing deadlines. This service includes:

  • Weekly customized emails notifying subscribers of newly available grants

  • Access to PSD’s Grant Hotline – contact our grant team with questions about grant opportunities

  • One free grant review of any Federal or Provincial grant application per year

  • Discounted rates on PSD’s grant application services (grant writing & grant application reviews)

Contact Public Sector Digest today if your organization is interested in signing up for the Municipal Grant Inventory Service.

Current members of the MGIS are reporting that not only does the service allow their municipality to stay on top of emerging grant funding opportunities, but it is assisting with the coordination of grant application completion across multiple departments.

Especially in small to mid-sized municipal organizations, the capacity to respond to complex grant applications within strict deadlines is a significant challenge. With whole cross-departmental teams receiving weekly MGIS notifications and accessing our web-based grant inventory, members are reporting greater coordination in their approach to grant application writing. 

Access the Ontario MGIS here

Access the BC MGIS here



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