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Locking horns: incivility builds fear, erodes social trust

Locking horns: online incivility is seen as the new normal, and it inhibits social trust (London School of Economics Business Review)

There are many casualties of incivility—target, the perpetrator & the witnesses. Ultimately social trust is broken and is replaced by fear, which tears at the fabric of community.

This new study published by London School of Economics shows that online incivility is now considered the norm. It also shows that it's opposite, online civility, increases trust between people.

Online incivility is defined as:

"a manner of harassing behaviour that can range from aggressive commenting in threads, incensed discussion and rude critiques, to outrageous claims, hate speech, and more severe forms of harassment such as purposeful embarrassment and physical threats."

Choose community. Choose love. Choose civility. Choose trust.


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