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My Kanata - "pure, sacred place"

We are reminded of the prophecy of the indigenous elders who met in southern Alberta in 1981 and prophesied our slow return to the Sacred Tree, to harmony and the understanding that Kanata (Canada) means 'pure or sacred place' in the Cree-Algonquin language. And Edmonton, one of the great pehonan (the waiting or gathering place) along the Saskatchewan river systems where indigenous peoples gathered, traded and engaged in harmonious relationships for over 10,000 years. In the word Edmonton is the Cree word Monto which means 'the Creator's Spirit.' #MyKanata

The Sacred Tree Prophesy

"For all the people of the earth, the Creator has planted a Sacred Tree under which they may gather, and there find healing, power, wisdom and security.

The roots of the this tree spread deep into the body of Mother Earth.

Its branches reach upward like hands praying to Father Sky.

The fruits of the tree are the good things the Creator has given to the people; teachings that show the path to love, compassion, generosity, patience, wisdom, justice, courage, respect, humility and other wonderful gifts.


The ancient ones taught us that the life of the Tree is the life of the people.

If the people wander far away from the protective shadow of the Tree, if they forget to seek the nourishment of its fruit, or if they should turn against the Tree and attempt to destroy it, great sorrow will fall upon the people.

Many will become sick at heart.

The people will lose their power.

They will cease to dream dreams and see visions.

They will begin to quarrel among themselves over worthless trifles.

They will become unable to tell the truths and to deal with each other honestly.

They will forget how to survive in their own land.

Their lives will become filled with anger and gloom.

Little by little they will poison themselves and all they touch.

It was foretold that these things would come to pass, but that the Tree would never die.

And as long as the Tree lives, the people live.

It was foretold that the day would come when the people would awaken, as if from a long, drugged sleep; that they would begin, timidly at first but then with great urgency, to search again for the Sacred Tree.

The knowledge of its whereabouts, and of the fruits that adorn its branches have always been carefully guarded and preserved within the minds and hearts of our wise elders and leaders.

These humble, loving and dedicated souls will guide anyone who is honestly and sincerely seeking along the path leading to the protecting shadow of the Sacred Tree.

Source: The Sacred Tree (1984) was created by the Four Worlds Development Project, a native American inter-tribal group, as a handbook of Native Spirituality for indigenous peoples all over the Americas and the world. This handbook is being used by the Four Worlds Development Project to eliminate widespread drug and alcohol abuse in tribal communities. It is now being shared for the first time with all members of the human family desiring personal growth. Thanks to Mark Alienski for sharing.



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