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Robert Fox weighs in on Save Your City

Robert Fox on Save Your City
Photo credit: Huffington Post

"Diane Kalen-Sukra’s book Save Your City offers insights and inspiration to practitioners of politics and public policy — and to the general public — on how to cut through the toxic fog and plot a course to cohesive communities and better living.

Drawing on her own experience as a municipal administrator, communicator, parent and more, she shares her analysis of the challenges to community and compassion. But more importantly, she sets out a vision — and a path forward — to counter the culture of division and reassert the power and dignity of our common purpose.

Kalen-Sukra distills transcendent lessons to be learned from a remarkable array of sources including Aristotle, Tocqueville, Mr. Rogers and the Dalai Lama. For some, her deep but user-friendly discussion of citizenship and civility will be a revelation; for others, a welcome reminder of home truths about respect and ethics and the role of government and good governance.

Mixing the philosophical and the practical, Save Your City is not a quick how-to guide but an inspiring and illustrative sharing of an alternative, more just, inclusive and sustainable path forward.

It will take a tremendous act of will and wisdom to reverse the negative trends that beset us. But Kalen-Sukra gives us every reason for hope — and reaffirms the value of being our best selves, individually and collectively — as we take up the challenge."


Robert Fox has spent a lifetime building community leadership, collaboration & compassion. Most recently, he was the federal NDP's National Director and before that the Executive Director of OXFAM Canada.


Save Your City: How Toxic Culture Kills Community & What To Do About It is available in two editions:

Forward by Sam Chaise

Local Government Exclusive Edition (Municipal World, 2019)

Forward by George B. Cuff

Workbook included



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