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Save Your City e-book now available

The Kindle "citizens's edition" of Save Your City: How Toxic Culture Kills Community & What To Do About It is now available on Amazon. The e-book is readable on any device, with a quick download of the free Kindle app.

"Save Your City is an inspired and powerful must-read. Our democracy is in peril and this book delivers the right message, by the right person, at the right time." —IRA BASEN, CBC Radio

Toxic culture is eroding our sense of belonging, community and well-being. Our capacity to collaborate and innovate together is also being undermined by the rising incivility and divisiveness.

We need each other to address the complex challenges facing our cities and communities—from the infrastructure deficit to climate change, homelessness, mental health and addiction issues. In order to thrive, our local democracies depend on our ability to revive the art of living and working well together.

Save Your City author and veteran community builder Diane Kalen-Sukra, MA, CMC empowers community leaders and citizens to be part of the solution. She demonstrates what's involved by taking readers on a journey from Bullyville to Sustainaville, including an eye-opening visit to classical antiquity.

The successful journey includes a renaissance of civic values and civic education as vital to fostering the type of culture that can sustain us, our democracy and our planet.

Advance praise for Save Your City:

"Save Your City is an absolute must-read for community builders. Diane Kalen-Sukra masterfully enlightens the challenges of modern governance with the wisdom of classical antiquity to address our increasingly uncivil society." —GEORGE B. CUFF,MC, author, consultant, past president Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

"For the love of community, read Save Your City. You will be taken on a journey that awakens your heart and our collective hope for a sustainable future." —SAM CHAISE, executive director, Christie Refugee Welcome Centre (Toronto), former executive director Canadian Baptist Ministries

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