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Toxic fumes in the public square

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

What made the mayor’s resignation especially troubling was the fact that he had diligently served the same community for 30 years and 14 years as an elected representative. The only thing that changed was the political culture over time.

The fumes of toxic culture

Like the canary in the mine, he grew weary from the toxic fumes. The end result? An experienced leader was lost; the governance and effectiveness of a local government was shaken; and a community was left behind, further divided.

If this was the experience of only one or two, or even a handful of communities with unique governance challenges or social issues, it could be chalked up as personally tragic for those involved.

The trouble is, we are seeing a sharp rise in incivility and bullying in our communities everywhere. It is stifling democratic debate, paralyzing municipal councils, and costing precious resources and tax dollars. And, it is hampering the proper and effective functioning of local government.

Read full story as published in Municipal World: Understanding the Root Causes of Incivility, Bullying & Toxic Culture, by Diane Kalen-Sukra, 'civic academy' national columnist, Municipal World.


Municipal World Exclusive Edition available here. Includes forward by acclaimed governance expert George B. Cuff & companion workbook for individual & group study as well as community action.



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