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VIDEO | Q&A with Mayor Nirenberg on compassionate cities

“There are so many examples of #incivility in our world right now that it is incumbent on all of us at a leadership level to demonstrate the opposite, because that’s what makes us human beings, that we have the capability of caring for one another. Not just our loved ones, but people who are strangers…#Compassion will always win.” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

During the pandemic months, when so many local governments faced with crisis and constrained budgets abandoned even traditional local government operational training, Mayor Nirenberg spearheaded an initiative to establish a mass civic education campaign -- the San Antonio Compassionate Institute offering compassionate integrity training for civic and educational leaders that has now graduated hundreds. This city of 2 million people is the first in the world to offer this type of city-wide education aimed at building systemic compassion into every action, decision, and policy an institution enacts.

🎥 FULL VIDEO (40 minutes):

In this interview, Mayor Nirenberg responded to questions from Mayors enrolled in Kalen Academy's "Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders" program.


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