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What makes a compassionate city? Live interview with Mayor Nirenberg

During the summer pandemic months, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg spearheaded an initiative to establish the San Antonio Compassion Institute and initiated Compassionate Integrity Training for civic and educational leaders from 85 percent of the city’s universities, colleges, and schools.

The City of San Antonio was the first community in the world to offer this type of city-wide civic education aimed at building systemic compassion into every action, decision or policy an institution enacts.

Participants learn to cultivate the values and leadership skills required for personal, social and environmental well-being – referred to in city building circles as the elements of human flourishing.

The Institute’s over 800 graduates are popularly referred to as “compassionistas” and compassion ambassadors.

San Antonio Council's first resolution passed when Mayor Nirenberg took office in 2017 was to sign the Charter for Compassion, declaring San Antonio to be a Compassionate City.

❓ Send your questions for Mayor Nirenberg to Kalen Academy founder and host Diane Kalen-Sukra at prior to June 8, 2021.

DATE: June 22, 2021

TIME: 10am PT | 12pm CT

DURATION: 1/2 hour Live Interview

Only open to participants, alumni's and guests in Kalen Academy's "Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders" university certificate program (link above) granted through Life University's Centre for Compassionate Integrity & Secular Ethics.


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