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A pandemic of love

Times of trial can bring out the best or the worst in us. The good news is that we can can choose to respond in #kindness, #compassion and #love. If you must make assumptions about your neighbours, choose positive assumptions. Examples:

💕Instead of observing an empty grocery shelf and judging others to be selfish hoarders, assume that others purchased what they needed for a prolonged stay at home and the grocery supply system was not designed for a sudden increase in home cooking and home living.

💕Instead of barking at your neighbour who has not kept the distance prescribed by medical professionals, gently move back with a smile, indicating the distance mandated is not personal and in everyone’s best interest for the time being.

💕Instead of shaming teenagers who have overnight been torn from a life of permissiveness and entitlement to rules and confinement, be gentle, compassionate and give them time.

💕Instead of scrutinize every action, decision and tweet of politicians, pause and try and understand that they are human beings placed in positions of responsibility doing their best with the information available.

💕Resist joining the chorus of the Public Shaming is a Civic Virtue gang. As always, their tactics are ugly and consumed with a self-righteousness that would kill for a chance to look better then their neighbour. Ugly!

There are so many ways, especially in this age of mass communication, to reach people. #ChooseLove and compassion. They build people up and build lasting #trust and healthy #connection—the building blocks of #community.



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