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Antidote to xenophobia

There is no place for xenophobia (Gr. xeno - stranger, phobia - fear) in our diverse cities. How do we "welcome the stranger"? What does it mean to be a welcoming community?

Check out the Welcoming Cities program which began in the United States in 2009 as a deliberate way to create relationships between long-established residents and newcomers and to help develop a sense of belonging, connection, and community cohesion.

The Welcoming Standard lays out the keys areas of civic life that need concerted attention and action in order to create inclusive communities:

☑ Government Leadership

☑ Equitable Access

☑ Civic Engagement

☑ Connected Communities

☑ Education

☑ Economic Development

☑ Safe Communities

Join the Welcoming Network here and visit the website for resources and more about this initiative.

Read City of Victoria BC Mayor Lisa Help's update on their Welcoming City initiative and how Council set aside $40,000 unused travel funds due to this year's restricted travel to move this important initiative forward:


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