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Audit time

For those of us that are not emergency workers, this crisis has gifted us TIME 🕰. Time to reflect—to audit—the way in which we have been living, working and relating to each other.

🤔 There is so much we can do without, so much we can do better, and so many more enriching ways to spend our time than “the daily work-consume grind” offers.

💻 Rigid rules against #remotework have now been challenged. We have all had an opportunity to see the potential and versatility of new technology. The amount of knowledge and resources at our fingertips is simply astounding.

💕What an opportunity to spend precious time with loved ones—reflect on how too often the work world demands and takes too much from individuals, families and communities.

🤔 We have also been called to think differently—not just about our narrow self-interest, but to put the interests of others ahead of our own, for the #commongood.

🏛No one is calling us “consumers” anymore. We are #citizens, neighbours, #family, friends and human beings again. Let’s stay that way.



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