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The power of social solidarity

”The two world wars of the 20th century might offer the nearest point of comparison of what is being asked of Canadians now—the homefront experienced #rationing, #carpooling to save fuel. Canadians were even asked to refrain from #gossip.” —Aaron Wheery, CBC

The social changes brought on by the coronavirus are already extraordinary and the government is now speaking to Canadians in wholly unfamiliar ways.

🏛While citizenship in a #democracy was designed to come with significant social responsibility for individuals to think & act for the #commongood, in recent decades we have not been asking much of citizens.

👀 However in times of crisis like this we see the power and possibilities of #socialsolidarity, collaborative leadership and expansive cooperation.

🤔 When this crisis passes, what else can we accomplish together? How can we work together to ensure the wellbeing of all in our communities?

📰 CBC article: "COVID-19 isn't just testing governments, it's testing citizens"

📗For ways to foster a sustainable culture in your community, read



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